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The School for Speaker Success!

Vitalia and Roman,

I wanted to say thank you for investing in my life and eventual business.

Thank you for funding the Conference and membership in your club - thank you for the TLI and for the great meals during the SpeakerBiz training and thank you for this graduation celebration tonight.

Most of all, thank you for your friendship and support.

I appreciate all you have done.

Steve Compton, DTM

Leadership Legacy & Project Management Speaker

I have hired Vitalia to help me progress professionally and personally. Vitalia has a great ability to reach inside an individual and pull out the passion that lies within and assist in developing a plan of action. She is organized, detailed, extremely dedicated to her mission of guidance. Upbeat and motivating and well worth the investment. I look forward to keeping her on my team for years to come.

Julie Wesibrod, CC

Health & Fitness Expert

Weigh Down in the Valley, LLC

There are several different options for creating your own professional speaking business in Minnesota. After completing Vitalia’s SpeakerBiz Institute Exploratory course, I know there is really only one option!

Here’s why SpeakerBiz Institute is the best option:

1)You get a small class size, with more personalized attention to deal with your concerns.

2)You get Toastmasters membership benefits to help you work on your speaking talents.

3)You get practical tools to help you discover what you need to get started.

4)You get dinner and the camaraderie of great people.

5)You get more than just a lecture- you get a motivational coach to assist you throughout the course!

Vitalia’s name means “full of life”. If you have spent any time in her company, you can understand why! 

As a multi-preneur with a background in education, Vitalia is a go-getter who sees the possibilities in everyone. Despite a busy schedule, she never hesitated to respond to emails/phone calls in a timely manner. If she didn’t know the answer to a student’s question, she found someone in her vast network who did know.

You can pay the same price to an organization that won’t provide you the same tools and support. You can pay a business coach by the hour to provide ad-hoc advice. Or, you can join SpeakerBiz Institute and get your speaking business started!

Jennifer Espinosa-Goswami

Health Coach Expert

Weightless, LLC 

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